Who We Are

Every Child Columbia County is a non-profit organization that works to mobilize the community to help vulnerable children.

Nearly 11,000 Oregon children are in foster care. Communities across the state lack the needed number of foster homes.

Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) works hard to care for children and families in crisis, but is often left with few resources for recruiting volunteers and foster parents.

Most Oregonians are not aware of  DHS's day-to-day efforts on behalf of children and families. However, in the midst of our current shortage of foster homes, there is fresh reason for hope. We are confident more Oregonians will want to be a part of the solution and those of us with Every Child want to share the possibilities.

Every Child presents a new opportunity for Oregonians.

Every Child gathers community members in partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) to aide vulnerable children and families. Everyone has something to bring to foster care — be it donating, volunteering or fostering.

Not everyone can become a foster parent, but we can all do something to care for our community's children and families.

What can you bring?